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Whether for a fun night out, after-school care or event support, the TwenteNannies ensure that it is a party for you and the children!

Why TwenteNannies?


TwenteNannies are:

  • Experienced

  • Reliable

  • Enthousiastic

  • Active

  • Versatile

Who are we?

As working mothers with a social life, we know all about it: a good, but above all reliable babysitter is worth a lot! But how and where can you find such a babysitter? Because we, Claudia and Valerie, had no answer to that question, we started TwenteNannies in May 2016.

Claudia Buursen

“Because of my pedagogical background and work as a teacher at a primary school, I know a lot about the perception and development of children. As a mother I find it important to do fun activities that challenge my daughter. We also often go out together and I enjoy her voyage of discovery of the world around us. We also look for that enthusiasm in our nannies! ”

Valerie Schurink

“During my work as a branch manager in the temporary employment sector, I experienced how important personal contact is during the mediation process. You cannot make the perfect match until you have spoken to both parties face to face. As a mother, I know that you don't just hand over your most precious possession to anyone!

What it costs

At TwenteNannies we use clear rates, so that you know exactly where you stand.

TwenteNannies charges a one-off fixed amount for registration and the intake interview. During this meeting we will discuss the family profile you have completed and your wishes and preferences.

Service costs
TwenteNannies charges fixed mediation costs per babysitting service for the additional services and careful selection of the babysitter.

When our TwenteNannies come to babysit, they charge an amount of € 7.50 per hour.


Registration and personal introduction



  • Intake interview at your home

  • Personal family profile

  • Always able to request a babysitter

  • Match with our nannies

Sign Up


€ 9,50

Service costs at a time

  • Screened and
    reliable nanny

  • The nicest and
    sweetest nanny

  • comfortable at your home

  • Flexible or
    fixed times

Arrange a Nanny

More than once a week

€ 5,00

Service costs at a time

  • Each extra babysitting service per calendar week

  • Flexible or
    fixed times

  • Always a sweet nanny!

  • Available 7
    days a week

Arrange a Nanny

Last minute

€ 11,50

Service costs at a time

  • Request a babysitter within 48 hours

  • Voor ieder gewenst moment

  • For any time

  • The sweetest and nicest nannies in Twente!

Arrange a Nanny

Children's entertainment
at parties and events

Our TwenteNannies can also be used during weddings, events and (company) parties. We arrange for you enthusiastic TwenteNannies who entertain the kids with fun activities.

parties and events

price on request

  • Enthusiastic, experienced nannies!

  • Fun activities

  • Happy kids, happy parents

  • Contact us for the possibilities!

Tell me more!

How it works

Sign up at TwenteNannies and we will arrange the best, nicest and sweetest babysitter at home for your family!

step 1 - registration

Leave your contact details via the registration form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for a personal intake interview. You can of course also call us directly on 06 14530326/06 51314489.

step 2 - Profile & intake

Family profile

You will receive login details for a personal family profile from us. Based on this family profile, we have insight into what you as parents find important, what your specific wishes or requests are with regard to a babysitter and when you generally need a babysitter. The babysitter who is linked to your family can read all important information about the children through the family profile, such as where your children's interests lie, bedtime routine, daily schedule and whether there are any particularities that need to be taken into account.

During the personal intake interview at your home, we will discuss the entered data with you and of course answer any questions. We think it is important to get to know you personally and would like to know what you are looking for in a babysitter and what standards and values ​​are of paramount importance to you. And most importantly… We want to know everything about the children!

Stap 3 – the perfect match

If you need a babysitter, you can easily request this via our planning system. From that moment on all nannies that are available can sign up for your babysitting day(s). We then select the best match for you from the available nannies. You can request a babysitter for fixed days or individual moments during the week, but also when you need flexible babysitters due to irregular working days and working hours.

Do you just need a babysitter every now and then? For example for an evening, afternoon or a few days during the holidays? Even then we arrange for a Twentenanny to babysit at your home at those times, even if it is last-minute! Each family builds up a personal babysitting pool.

We strive in every situation to use the same Twentenanny or TwenteNannies as much as possible, so that it offers continuity and trust for both parents and children, as well as for the Twentenanny. Regular and returning nannies, but also the flexibility that a babysitter is always available. At TwenteNannies we mainly work with students and plan the monthly babysitting days with the school schedules. These are usually announced at fixed times per year. When it is known for the longer term, we will of course plan this immediately.

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